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Antron®III. It's the one to specify when maintenance dollars count.

Bill MacEachern proves why.

"We are writing you to let you know we had the occasion to clean one of your carpets of ANTRON III. This one was used under a Heimrath Porsche racing car in the pits. We couldn't believe it, but every spot of oil and grease came out! Simply amazing. Now we are recommending ANTRON III to our customers when they want carpets with superior soil and wear resistance, as well as excellent cleanability."

W.H.A. MacEachern, President, MacEachern's Deep Steam.

Since professional maintenance is Bill MacEachern's business, he knows what it takes to cut maintenance costs. And when it comes to carpet, he knows the advantages of carpet made of ANTRON III. In fact, he'd probably agree with us that ANTRON III is the world's most advanced carpet fibre technology.

Here's why. Each unique hollow filament optically "screens out" the appearance of soil. Each is so smooth, there are no crevices for dirt to hide in. And ANTRON III nylon has all the resilience and hard wearing qualities of Du Pont nylon.

And there's more. Conductive dyeable nylon filaments are an integral part of each yarn bundle ensuring efficient static control for the life of the carpet.

Specify ANTRON III. It all adds up to newness retention that means an economical maintenance program plus long-term client satisfaction.

®Mfg'd by Du Pont Canada Inc. Reg'd User.

Antron III carpeting does a lot more than cover a floor.