Why Deep Steam?

Deep Steam® Extraction is a wash and rinse procedure.
We inject a hot-water soil and stain releasing solution through the carpet pile to loosen and suspend dirt and contaminants; which are then instantaneously removed during the powerful rinse extraction stage. Your carpet will stay clean longer because no residue is left behind to attract soil.

Fiber producers and carpet manufacturers recognize Deep Steam® Extraction as the most efficient soil removal and pile-texture renewal method available.

Stain Removal
MacEachern’s Deep Steam® (Int.) Ltd., guarantees the permanent and complete removal of virtually all carpet stains. Our Deep Steam® Extraction technology attacks stains at the root. With nothing left to hold onto, stains are easily swallowed up by our powerful rinse extraction, recovery process. The result is that stains are removed permanently.

Dry Wand® Technology
This proprietary, state-of-the-art technology enables carpets to dry in half the time of conventional hot water extraction methods, providing a quicker return to service.

Pile Texture Renewal
Every time we apply the Deep Steam® Extraction process your carpet’s pile texture will look and feel like new; extending its life beyond its designed wear out date.

Air Quality
One of the most important features of the Deep Steam® Extraction System is that the process is environmentally safe, and by removing harmful bacteria, allergens and dust, indoor air quality is greatly improved. Your carpet is then ready to absorb another cycle of heavy use.